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List of the Most Popular Games For Windows – Part II

If you have a computer and internet connection, you are most likely addicted to playing online games. It has become a part of our lives that we cannot imagine life without it. Games such as Facebook, Farmville, Pac-Man, Sonic, and so many others keep us occupied when the real world gets too boring for us. Of course, it is not only games that can keep us busy. There are so many ways that we can entertain ourselves online.

Top of the list of the most popular video games is World of Warcraft. There are so many World of Warcraft players worldwide that you will surely enjoy this online role-playing game. The game has already won the hearts of countless people from different countries. Below, you can discover the Top 20 Most Popular PC Games Worldwide, ranked by Monthly Active Users (MAU).

Let us check out the second place of Top 20 Most Popular PC Games! This time, let us see the Second Option, which is multiplayer games. Yes, World of Warcraft and Dead Space is very popular among gamers, but there are plenty more that you can try!

The third option that deserves to be on top of the list is First Person Shooter (FPS). FPS or free shooting games have been around for many years now. We all know that it started as a mod for the game Doom. Since then, it has grown so much, and nowadays, it dominates the top ten most popular games worldwide. Here are some interesting facts about FPS games:

Of the Top Ten Most Popular PC Games, the first one that jumps out is, of course, the multi-player PC game, Dying Or Else. It is a first-person shooter (FPS) where you will have to survive on battlefields. You will face hordes of enemies while you use your guns and other weapons against them. It’s similar to Call of Duty but is nowhere near as complex and needs more skills than the previous versions of Call of Duty.

The next game on the charts is the game called Portal 2. It is a co-op action game where you will play as the story’s hero and rescue the little girl who was being held prisoner in the middle of a strange maze. As you save her, you also need to protect the other boys who were left behind. To do this, you will have to find the way to the exit of every area and fight against the other human players. Apart from the little girl, there are many other interesting characters to meet and help in this exciting game of portal history.

Last but not least in the list of most popular games for the windows download platform is Valiant: Post Apocalyptic. This is set in the zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic wastelands. You are given two choices; to either stay and fight for your life or to run away. You decide on that after finishing the level.

All these games are highly addictive, visually appealing, and graphically stimulating. All the features mentioned above make them so popular with gamers. These are available for both free and paid versions and can be downloaded from different gaming websites. The gaming websites have been extremely fast in providing new games every week, bringing the variety even more. You can check them out from my blog.

Number four in the list of most popular video games for the windows download platform is titled Arkane. Arkane means Arcanis. This is a turn-based role-playing video game where you have to explore the land and its surroundings to discover the reason behind the mysterious crime. The game involves trekking through different areas, fighting other zombies and villains, seeking help along the way, and a lot more. It is also possible to buy upgrades and weapons in this game. All the future games in this franchise will be released for free as it was with Arkane.

Number five on the most popular video games list for the windows download platform is entitled Mafia Wars. This amazing mafia war game has taken the gaming world by storm and is available across different platforms such as Xbox, PS3, etc. If you want a taste of what real-life mafia wars are like, you should download and play this game immediately.

Number six on the list of the most popular games for the windows is Animal Crossing: New Horizon. This is a game that revolves around a town called New Island. In this game, you are given to go to many different locations around town and bring back some pets. You also have to help the locals get on with the daily routine. This game comes pre-installed on the new horizon gaming consoles.

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