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What Can Google Games Do For You?

There’s no doubt that Google’s been one of the driving forces behind several web-based innovations over the last few years. This includes the popular search engine known as Google, which many know well as Google Maps. And what about Google’s acquisition of Zynga? The company is just now starting to roll out new games for its massive “Zynga” brand name. Will these games be some of the best games on any platform?

In many ways, yes. Of course, we can already expect to see many familiar faces in many games Google acquires. Many of the most popular multiplayer games will find their way into the new bundle as well. This includes titles such as FarmVille and CityVille.

Not only will we see familiar faces, but we should also expect to be treated to plenty of fresh ones. While it’s impossible to say if all of Google’s games will be successful, it’s safe to say that all of their first parties have at least some level of the gaming community’s confidence. This means that we should at least be able to expect a good variety of game types and themes. Here are some ideas:

The first kind of game we’re going to look at is the social game. This involves connecting with other players online and competing against each other to earn the most points. In many versions of this type of game, you’ll need to coordinate with your neighbors and friends to be able to compete against them. The challenges will include getting your farm to produce enough food to sell to the players while preventing them from destroying your crops and livestock.

The second kind of game that we’re going to look at is a simulation of an actual environment. As you might imagine, you’ll need to plant crops, build structures and run the city to earn money and eventually escape the clutches of an evil boss! Many Google developers have already put in the environment-themed games, so we’ll have a large selection of games to choose from if we want to play something a little different this time around!

Another popular game type is the action puzzle game. You’ll need to line up colored dots on the screen and use them in specific ways to complete puzzles. Some examples are simple word puzzles where you have to find the correct word without using a spacer or any other weird thing that you commonly find in most games. Other examples are timed ones where you must eliminate as many pictures as possible within a certain amount of time. Once you’ve finished the puzzle, the image for the correct word will be revealed for you to see. You can continue playing until you run out of moves or click on the screen to end the game.

Finally, for those of you who want a game where you don’t need any advanced skills, Google has got you covered too! Paint the town square of whatever country you choose and play a friendly match against other players. The winners win the pot, and all the other players drop out of the game, leaving you as the new winner! This one is simple enough that even kids can enjoy it; the only challenge is to make sure that you’re not putting more people in the pot than players. Otherwise, you’ll be called “pauper” and booted out!

There are tons of different Google games to play that any age group can enjoy. No matter what you prefer, whether you want to play something online or play in the real world, Google has got you covered! The best part is that most of these games have free trials that are easy to get started with! It may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but there’s bound to be a great game to play at Google.

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