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Cut the Rope 2 Level Packs and the Nintendo Wii

Cut the Rope 2 is returning with a more significant, sweeter tooth in the second installment of the popular party game series, Cut the Rope. Again escape into the vibrant world of the Cut the Rope universe full of candies, sweets, and delightful puzzles. In this exciting new version, players can choose from a wide variety of characters to compete against one another, as well as against the computer-generated cut-outs. But how does one get the win – or how will they get the chance to challenge the other players?

Each game mode is themed after one of the many Disney characters. For example, in Flower Delivery, one needs to decorate their rope flower delivery van with various flowers. After winning this game mode, the flower delivery van will drop a bouquet of daisies for players to take home. The colorful gameplay and great sounds help to reinforce this theme further.

However, there’s a new twist on this game! In anticipation of what is to come in the future, the developers have included a surprise for all users of Cut the Rope 2: Valentine’s Day Edition. What’s in store for players this year for the exciting, surprise, suspense game?

As you play each level of the game, new surprises will be waiting for you. Will you solve the riddles associated with the groups and conquer the hearts of every flower girl you encounter? Will you finally put an end to the mystery behind the mysterious mystery man running around with several teenage girls? Will you find out who owns the shop where the “cut” heart stems from, as well as who’s responsible for putting the kids to sleep?

While this video game series was one of my favorite games for Wii, I wasn’t a big fan of its sequel, Cut the Rope: Valentine’s Day. Its story and gameplay were a bit too different from what I expect from a dating simulation game. This time around, though, it’s more like an adventure-based video game series. There’s still a lot of cute graphics, but they’re a lot more realistic. It brings something new to the table.

Aside from the exciting story and new locations to explore, I also liked the new power-ups introduced in this game. You can now get “power-ups” that will increase your level and allow you to cut ropes at an increased speed. There are also hidden items that weren’t present in the first game. Most of these aren’t worth much money, but there are a couple worth buying, such as a unique card deck for each character.

I particularly enjoyed the new characters and levels in Cut the Rope 2: Valentine’s Day. The new hero, Rufus, is quite the sweet guy who uses his powers to pull candy out of a tube. He also has some exciting capabilities that make him different from other games. Spider-sense gives him the ability to sense when someone is holding back candy, which helps him during his hunt. You can also buy some power-ups to help you boost your playing performance.

The controls of this game are similar to the first released game. The Wii controls aren’t exactly the most comfortable or responsive, but it’s still enjoyable. If you played the first released version, you’d probably feel right at home with this one. If not, you can always pick up some Need for Speed or Mario Kart games to entertain yourself while waiting for the new release of Cut the Rope 2!

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