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Cut the Rope: Paint the Country In 3D On Your Android Phone

With new characters, new gameplay mechanics, and challenging missions, cut the rope two has never been this exciting! Experience unique challenges and an all-new assortment of tools as you solve each level. With many achievements to unlock and an exciting collection of hats to collect as you go, Cut the Rope 2 is not like any other physics-based adventure game on mobile devices. It’s a game that will have you coming back for more.

Game designer Sidious Gourriel released his second physics-based puzzle game for tablets, called Cut the Rope. This time around, he took the tale of his first release and improved upon it while adding ten brand new levels and fifty all-new challenges. The art style is a massive improvement over previous games (particularly the first one), and everything looks crisp and lovely. Everything is made very clear with simple but striking visuals. The storyline follows a young boy who is taken on a perilous journey to retrieve his father’s lost manuscript and must use all of his wits as he makes his way through this dangerous jungle.

I played this game at the beginning of August and put it on my iPhone 4S. The controls are straightforward: tapping any area of the screen will cause the character to hop right out of the way to avoid being hit. Moving your finger up or down causes your character to slide down the screen. There are icons for items you need to collect to help you on your journey on the other screen. However, they are not sold in the store (that would be a shame, seeing how much they’d love to be sold by us). They are, however, available for purchase in the app (I believe they charge a one-time fee to gain access).

One of the things I enjoyed about the first game was the cut scenes. These were relatively short and contained exciting gameplay elements, including the ability to freeze opponents (great for catching them off guard), spike traps, and hidden chests that give you more items to collect. These new characters in this game are no exception. While they lack the excitement of their predecessors, what they do have is a lot more personality. I even had a hard time taking my eyes of some of their expressions.

This version of Cut the Rope is quite different from its predecessors. For one, it doesn’t have the short but sweet storyline of the first game series. Instead, it has more challenging gameplay that involves collecting gems and other items and avoiding obstacles while swinging from platform to platform. Although these new characters may not sound as exciting as those from the first game, I found their personality quite charming and enjoyable to play.

Despite being an updated version of its predecessor, the game is still quite polished. The controls are easy to master and responsive, thanks to the use of in-game accelerometers. The graphics are pretty well done and feature great physics so that moving items will respond as you would expect them to in real life. I also noticed that the cut scene had been improved, although the quality of the animation hasn’t changed that much. It’s mostly just made to look good on the tiny screen of your Android phone. I think users on an iPhone or iPad will be a bit disappointed with how well the quality of the animations run on the smaller screens of these devices.

The one glitch that I found while playing the game on my phone was that, after completing a level, all levels start to slow down. I didn’t get into it too deeply, but it could signify that the game needs some extra content developed for the touch screen controls. I’m not sure if it would be worth the money, but it’s something to watch out for. The other issue I’ve noticed is that the cut ropes only seem to work correctly if you’re looking to go left or right – not if you want to cut across the board.

If you want to play this relaxing game, I suggest you download the free trial that’s available right now on the iTunes App Store. You can get a taste of the adventure before it is finally released to everyone on June 14th. Plus, you’ll be able to see what the critics are saying about the game and get a feel for whether or not it will live up to the high expectations created by its predecessor, Cut the Rope: Paint the Country. As I’ve said before, it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to relax and unwind while playing mobile games. The free trial is worth the price, and it will be interesting to see how strong of a presence the game has online once it’s finally released.

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