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The Total Cost Money Game Can Benefit Kids

This may seem like a silly question, but spending money is sometimes a necessary part of life. Without it, things like food and shelter might not be possible. I believe that money should be seen as a scarce resource, not something to be hoarded. Thus, a game that asks you to spend money to advance the plot seems a little off-putting. However, I will offer up a trivia game that falls within the spirit of what I’m talking about.

What is a silly game, you ask? It’s a text-based adventure exploring the timeless question: What would happen if you had more money than anyone else should ever have? If you are having a hard time getting around the controls on your phone or just plain old lag, you can play the same game on Philomel. Log into the free mobile app to play the trivia game. It is free to play and costs nothing to access.

A silly game doesn’t have to be only a stupid game; it can be a game with a great underlying message. In the case of the 90 billion dollars question, the answer could be: Do good deeds. While this isn’t an instruction manual, it can help you understand the importance of spending money wisely. After all, when so many people are hungry for entertainment, who wants to spend their money on crappy games?

The actual question is: Would people be willing to spend money on crappy games if it helped them learn something along the way? The answer is no. No, one would ever willingly part with their hard-earned cash on a game that offered no real value. The whole point behind the question is not how much you spend on a stupid game as it is whether you would be willing to spend it on something worthwhile. People enjoy games, so would people be willing to spend money on them?

Do you know what the total cost is to play the Total Cost Money Game? That’s right: ninety billion dollars! Would you be willing to part with that kind of money? It would be best if you were since it’s a perfect opportunity to teach kids the value of money.

The Total Cost Money Game offers many lessons. For example, it shows how important it is to save money for the “what if” scenarios that could affect your net worth later in life. If a recession occurs and you lose your job, your bills go out of control, and you become ineligible for unemployment benefits, how will you handle those situations? What will happen to your family? Without a dependable savings plan, those problems will quickly escalate.

In addition, the Total Cost Money Game reminds children of the importance of budgeting and spending money wisely. It would be easy to spend too much money, especially on frivolous clothes, video games, and snacks. These items, after all, are fun to buy on impulse but often lead to financial disaster if misused. When playing the silly game, kids learn the value of saving their money instead of spending it on random items. This lesson may seem stupid, but it’s an important one.

Kids will benefit from playing the Total Cost Money Game if parents monitor their child’s playing habits. This can be done with a few simple controls, and kids will find it quite enjoyable. It is one of the best options available to help kids learn about fiscal responsibility and personal finance. Now that’s a good reason to purchase the game!

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