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Twilight Princess – Hylian Legends Wii Pack Review

Twilight Princess – Hylian Legends Wii Pack Review

Rage! Grab the controllers! Jump into the world of Hungry Dragon – an energetic burst of action-packed excitement! Burn enemies using the dragon’s special attack as you destroy everything in your path! Unleash fierce flying attacks from above as you rage out across this adrenaline-fuelled environment and destroy everything in your path!

Rush for the top! Grab the controller and launch yourself into the air to collect energy bars that are collected along with the world map. Use the boost found on the in-game menu to boost your launch into the air and earn points for every level you complete. The first Dragon in Hungry Dragon will be available after completing the Prologue. This is also your first taste of the game so prepare yourself for the thrill of becoming the most powerful Dragon yet!

Every time you eat an enemy or ally you earn coins that can be used for unlocking new levels and additional rewards! As you level up move to the next stage and the more powerful your dragon will become. Earn enough coins to purchase the ability to eat twice as often to gain the advantage when rushing for your goal. Your dragon will even turn into a dragonfly if it eats an enemy or ally during a rush!

Collect as many mythical dragons as you can by collecting all the fragments that appear on the world map. These fragments can then be thrown at Hungry Dragon to transform your dragon into a legendary dragon. There are two legendary dragons available to choose from – the Fireball and the Diamond. After using a legendary dragon on the game you will unlock the ability to use it again to transform into this powerful beast for a further 20 minutes.

Hungry Dragon avoids picking up food in-game, so don’t try and pick up any bugs or worms! This means that it won’t automatically swallow either flies or squirrels. However, it will consume any fish or smaller birds that you may have in your inventory. You can throw all the prey that you find to the hungry dragon – remember to return them to the inventory afterward as they will start to decay.

The third task is collecting all the fruits that are available every time you defeat the Hungry Dragon. You can do this by picking up fruits off the ground or dropping down fruit from a specific height. You can also buy some from the in-game shop but be warned that you need to have a very high skill level with the Wii Remote in order to succeed with this method! The fruits that are dropped down by the Hungry Dragon are broken down into three categories – blueberries, peaches, and grapes. The blueberries are the easiest to collect as you just need to press the up button whilst picking out fruit.

The final task is to use the birds that were released by the Hungry Dragon to fly over the island and release the eggs at different points. The eggs can then be collected by using the provided egg yoke. Each egg has a small number of coins that have to be collected before they hatch. Hatching the eggs will award you with a shiny new wing. You can cook these eggs by using the Wii Remote’s burner function and can also cook any other food from the items that can be bought in the game.

This is only a basic outline of the tasks that can be completed in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Hylian Legends Wii Pack. In future releases, the tasks and challenges will be increased to include more of the legendary dragons from the past. We’ve only scratched the surface of what can be achieved with these pets. If you want to fully enjoy Twilight Princess on the Wii, then make sure that you have your own twilight themed Nintendo Wii console and choose one of the many hungry dragon Wii Pets.

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