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The Best Mobile Games for Kids

With each passing year, the concept that online games are just for kids grows an increasingly untenable notion. Whether or not they succeed remains a question of opinion, but increasingly they are discovering that there’s an actual adult audience to be had. These video games aren’t just for kids anymore. People of all ages are finding their way to these games. Statistics show that this demographic has now become a faithful and growing segment of the gaming population.

Adult gamers have an experience that younger folks do not: They can play these games in competition with people in other parts of the world. With so many different game modes and features available, they can better exercise their brains in ways that regular players can’t match. They can use streaming technology to get a more significant game presence and track their performance over time. And they can use their smartphones to take along on the adventure.

The rise of the iPhone and iPad brought about a whole new wave of “immersion gaming.” In this setup, players take an active role in the storyline and travel to places they’ve never been to before. Using realistic 3D models and high-end graphics, this gameplay style allows players to escape not only to another world but to a whole new era of technological possibilities. The Iron Man gameplay and the Lord of the Rings gameplay demonstrated the ability of immersion gaming to create an entirely new experience in the telling of a story. Now, this type of gameplay is beginning to catch on across different platforms.

One such example of a game where the technology has gotten so far advanced that it’s comparable to a fully interactive television experience is the Mario Kart Tour. This high-powered, high-stakes game offers players the chance to enjoy an entirely new way to enjoy Mario’s favorite activity while using their cell phones to compete. Players can race against the computer or take on a friend via a connection to the internet (paid service required). It doesn’t matter which one of you owns a smartphone – because both will take part in the Mario Kart Tour World championship, where you’ll score points based on your finish.

Another popular type of game with an incredible amount of potential for in-app purchases is augmented reality apps. This category tends to be more geared towards those who have already started playing smartphone games. In these applications, users can add additional information to specific items in a fun, such as fish in a pond, weather, and road maps. While the information is still on your phone, it’s available to you whenever you need it. Examples of augmented reality applications include The weatherman, Google Earth, GPS driving, and the travel application.

Another way in-app purchases can add value to a mobile game is through the “legends” category. These games give an extra bit of depth to what would otherwise be a strictly single-player game. For example, parking your car at the airport could become an interactive experience where you need to pay a fee before you leave. The mechanics behind this particular game are fascinating and a lot of fun to play. Examples of mobile Legends include Parking Classic, Casino Classic, CityVille: Blueprint for Life, and Color Connect.

The final category of games that are worth considering is the hidden object games. As mentioned above, this is the type of game you typically find on the in-app purchase section of mobile applications. Examples of popular, hidden-object games include The Chronicles of Spellborn, Linea I and II, HOGs (Human Operation Gum), and hidden-object games featuring the famous Harry Potter series, such as Hogs. The Harry Potter universe is trendy because there are several games centered around this fan fiction. Examples of popular hidden object games focusing on this franchise are: Escape from Gringotts, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the Goblet of Fire.

When you’re considering how to customize your mobile gaming experience, you will want to consider the games available that utilize the content shown within the Android Market. These are the apps that can genuinely make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Using these types of android games, you will not have to worry about missing out on the latest and greatest entertainment options just because you don’t have access to the internet on your phone. Not only does browse the web on your android device provide you with a vast amount of information, but you can also do it from anywhere. So, whether you want to continue to enjoy your favorite online movies or games, or you want to take a break from your current media, you can do so simply by picking up your smartphone or tablet and turning to your mobile gaming device of choice.

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