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Would You Buy This Game With Microsoft’s Money?

“How do games make you spend money?” This is a common question among game lovers and curious onlookers. The emergence of various games across the web has made it a hotbed for discussing how games make us spend our money. It all started with Mario, one of the most popular and earliest games ever created. Ever since, there has not been let go of its ability to capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. But then, how can a game make you pay actual bills?

Let us start with a silly game. Yes, another one of the hot topics in games is its effect on human behavior. It seems that these brain teaser games make people more impulsive and prone to spontaneous spending. And it all started with one game – Lemonade Tycoon. In this silly game, players need to use their scarce real estate to buy, build, rent, sell, and expand their business.

As the game progresses, the money/credits you earn from the different transactions slowly add to your bankroll (the maximum amount of money you can spend). The more you spend, the more money you earn, hence the saying that you cannot spend money you don’t have. The good thing about this silly game is that it encourages you to make the right moves in your business. And if you are fortunate, you may be able to expand your business and earn huge profits along the way.

If I were to talk about money-making games that make you spend money, I am talking about Harvest Moon and Lego City Online. These two games are made for children and are meant for adult players who want to spend some quality time with their families while playing these games. They are simple to play, yet they keep you entertained for hours on end. Aside from their simple concepts, they are loaded with great gameplay, exciting graphics, and great music. Aside from that, they would also keep you occupied for a couple of weeks as they can last for months and even years together if you play them regularly.

Another money-making game that is available today is Indie Games. Similar to Harvest Moon, this game is created by some of the top designers in the world and is updated for free. Many game enthusiasts would purchase the physical version of the game, pay for the upgrades, and still buy it on sale, as it is always sold out at most online stores. I believe this game to be worth billions of dollars if I had to guess.

Last but not least, we have Grand Theft Auto V. This game may not be exactly cheap, but I can guarantee you that it will still make you spend money no matter what. It is widely known as one of the biggest selling video games worldwide, and it makes a ridiculous amount of money. It makes more money each day than many movies, music albums, and other forms of entertainment make in a year. For the price of a couple of movie tickets, you could have enough money to play Grand Theft Auto for a whole year.

I’m sure you would agree with me when I say that these are fun games to play and that most people would spend money to buy them. The question then becomes, “would people still spend money on these games if there was another alternative, like a ‘Silly Game’ machine?” You see, most people would go out and purchase the latest releases instead of bothering to play an old game. They feel it is more important to buy new games that are more “up to date” than playing an old game released two months ago. Well, with the internet, you can buy games from anywhere in the world without ever leaving your house. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and some cash.

So the next time you ask yourself, “would you buy this game from Microsoft if it cost Bill Gates his life?” you now know that you should not because it is ridiculous. Instead, look up the total cost of indie games online and try to convince yourself that it would make more sense to pay for them rather than passing them along to someone else. Even if it costs you a little bit more money to buy the latest releases, it could end up saving you in the long run, so consider all of this.

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