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Monument Valley Provides a Home for Thousands of Animals

Monument Valley is a large yet scenic region of southwest Colorado. This article is all about the area of the western Colorado Plateau. It’s a picturesque place with an easy way into Denver and the historic Fort Collins area. For other uses, read Monument Valley (review). Monument Valley State Park is another excellent destination, especially for families. Many hiking and biking trails can be found here.

The area offers one of the best views of Denver. There are several attractions nearby. You can drive to the trailhead of Hidden Valley Skywalk and hike on the Supertrapper Mountain biking trail. If you want to experience a different kind of Colorado vacation, consider staying at a Monument Valley bed & breakfast.

Nestled among the sandstone peaks of Monument Valley, you’ll find a charming bed and breakfast. The views from the top are breathtaking. You’ll see the grand canyon on one side and the Denver skyline on the other. The panoramic views from this Monument Valley bed & breakfast are part of what has made this location so famous. Two nearby attractions also offer panoramic views of the area.

You can start your tour of Monument Valley from Monument, a lovely town nestled among the red rocks of Monument Valley. The first thing you’ll want to do is stop in at the Sunrise Lower Monument Valley Tour Company. The tour company arranges guided tours of the various geological formations in the area. They provide the equipment necessary for an enjoyable trip. Be sure to check on the weather before leaving.

Next, head east out of Monument, past the Buttes. One of these buttes has a pedestrian bridge that crosses a valley floor. This is an excellent way to explore the area. However, don’t go down to the bottom. Instead, continue to walk down the buttes, stopping to photograph panoramic views of the Buttes and surrounding area.

From the Buttes, make your way towards the very heart of Monument Valley. Here lies Black Canyon of the Grand Canyon. You’ll also pass several other impressive formations as you make your way to this park. This is the world’s highest freestanding structure, stretching for miles. Black Canyon of the Grand Canyon is a sight not to be missed when you take a Monument Valley bus tour.

Follow Black Canyon back west toward the trail of the railroad. Then it’s time to make your way to the southern terminus of the state highway. The road you’re on, Highway 89-A, will take you under the iconic Pikes Peak. Just follow its crest south until it curves left. Just follow that turn, and you’ll find a plethora of opportunities for photo opportunities.

After you make it to the junction where Highway 89-A ends, turn right (northwest) and immediately right again to reach Black Canyon Lodge. Stay at the rustic lodge and enjoy the panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. At the end of your excursion, you will find two parking lots with restrooms, a gift shop, gift boutiques, and a tribal park. Your Monument Valley Colorado Plateau hikes and wildlife-viewing adventure will not be complete without this thoroughly enjoyable Monument Valley Colorado Plateau hiking and wildlife-viewing route.

Back at the reservation, take some time to learn about the geological formation that makes up Monument Valley. Named for Colorado Senator Calvin Coolidge, the building is formed from multiple talcs bedded into the sandy soils. These formations present canyons, meadows, junctures, and cliffs. The most striking feature, though, is the formation’s black granite surface. Coolidge proclaimed that Colorado was the “Rocky Mountain State” and that the area contained one of the largest collections of natural hot springs in the country.

The best way to appreciate all that Monument Valley has to offer is to visit during one of the best times of the year. Spring, summer, and winter bring naturally rich fauna and flora to the region and make it a prime destination for outdoor recreation. You may want to take advantage of these seasons, which coincide with different colors of blossoms: marigolds, crocus, tulips, lupine, coltsfoot, and sage. Even if you’re looking for solitude, hiking is an activity that will tickle your fancy.

You may want to visit Monument Valley as a part of a guided tour. The formations are present, and the natural beauty is a sight to behold. Tourist groups may also enjoy the Sandstone National Park as part of a guided tour; several different guided tours are offered at the Grand Canyon Lodge. No matter what you want to do while visiting Monument Valley or the Sandstone National Park, you will have plenty to enjoy and take pleasure in.

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