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Mass Effect 2 – Finding the Best Ending

Mass Effect 2 – Finding the Best Ending

You’ll find plenty of Mass Effect 2 reviews out there right now. Whether you’re looking for a guide to help you get through the story or to help choose the perfect ending for your character, these reviews are definitely a great place to start. Just keep in mind that some people like to tell their side of the story before they play the games. If you’re one of those people who like to get first-hand experience with any given character and ending, you’ll likely want to read Mass Effect 2 story reviews to get a feel for what you’re getting into before diving in. Either way, you’ll want to begin planning ahead so that all of your favorite heroes live long and happy lives.

This article breaks down the endings for each ending in Mass Effect 2, and all others if you so are curious. No matter which ending you chose, you have the option to do whatever you please as you work your way through the game. There are multiple endings for every character, so depending on your preferences you can make the decisions that you see fit. You can’t change anything about the ending that is shown in the game, however. However, some of the optional missions can give you extra incentives to complete them.

The two endings available to you can be split up depending on which character you’re playing as. If you’re playing as the Normandy crew, there are six possible endings. You can go through the game as one of the crew, or you can fill each character role as many different characters as there are. In the future Mass Effect will have several more unique endings, but for now, we have the basic storylines that exist. If you’re looking for Mass Effect 2 best ending guides, this is probably the best place to go to get them.

BioWare’s Normandy is a special unit in the series, and this is the ending that you will be given for the majority of your time playing the game. It is a highly effective military unit, made up of mostly humans, and has stayed behind to deal with the Collectors. As you fight your way through the game you will uncover the truth about this company, and the origins of the mass effect field. It is one of the best endings because it ties everything together and makes sense throughout the whole story.

For the character you play in Mass Effect 2, the best ending is “The Illusive Man.” You play as the Illusive Man, an international terrorist wanted on the wanted list by the United States Army. You have the chance to either strike the Americans from their hiding spot or arrest them before they attack. This is the only ending that does not have any impact on any of the other endings, making it one of the most balanced.

The other two endings are slightly more difficult but still effective. The first one involves you going after the Collector Base, which is located on Mars. The humans who work there have become humans mutated by radiation pulse, and are seeking to use the mass production process to create a new life form. In order to do this, they need to get past your team and attack the Collector Base.

Unfortunately for everyone, this is the only part of the ending you actually get to experience, which is unfortunate since it is the best ending. If you choose to do the second option, however, the entire mission plays out, including the death of the Collector Base’s human population and the mass suicide mission that comes after. There is also a cut scene involving the Normandy and the mass effect sphere; you can also learn a little bit about the Illusive Man and his motivations for bringing about the changes in the humans on the planet. If you didn’t like the first ending though, don’t worry; the second one is almost as good as the original, and the endings are just as intense.

One thing that I thought was a little odd about the Mass Effect 2 endings is that if you chose the second option, and the Normandy was destroyed by the Collector Base, you could still finish the game. In fact, this ending actually provides you with a very satisfying ending. The ending you obtain is very different than the other options, but it’s still tied to the Normandy and the ending you saw in the trailers. Regardless of which ending you chose, I think you’ll be very happy with what the developers gave you.

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